Dot Design has 30 years experience of bring ideas to light

@dot we are small but we hope perfectly formed for the task.


@dot we seem only to be known by the people in the know.

The general public sees and uses our products only through the numerous Brands that we are affiliated with. This allows us to be more independently driven by our own creative ideas.


@dot we have built many strong market brand associations that we continue to develop and provide with new concepts as our world develops and continues to change.



@dot our size allows us to work on a very intimate basis.

Many of our initial collaborations have in fact developed into formalized partnerships and joint ventures.

Our complete development capability and market experience has proved invaluable to many of our clients. 




@dot due to our market diversity we are often labelled as inventors. We like to think of it more as cross fertilization of our ideas. Nothing really seems that new, it’s often just re-appropriated from somewhere else normally unrelated. We pride ourselves on having at little knowledge of a lot of things and it is this that is our true source of innovation gold!

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