@ Dot Design

design and developing great products.


@dot we have been doing this for 30 years all around the world.

Creating Iconic items that benefit us all.

Our products are used by millions of people throughout the world every second of every day.

Many of our products our simply seen as everyday items.


The best design is that which needs no explanation, no instruction it just harmoniously is accepted into our lives.




Based in the London England, we are Product Design and Development Consultants, working with international brands worldwide.

Design Gallery

Some of our clients and partnerships include:

BigAtmo                                                  Suntile
Tala                                              Cole & Mason
WMF                                                            BAT
William Grants                              JR Reynolds
Nuaire                                      Absolute Vodka
Kuhn Rikon                                               Rosle
Walt Disney                                  Willowstone
Le Creuset                                                  Silit